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Simply pick a shirt, prepress the shirt, print the shirt and cure.. done! No more having to pretreat and spend hours drying shirts. Spend more time making money!


Pretreatment for DTG printing can be quite messy if you are using a sprayer in house. With RTP Shirts you don’t have to pretreat the shirts anymore. Just Pick, Print, and Cure!


Tired of losing money on shirts that were pretreated wrong? Artwork looks spotty and clients complaining? Well that won’t happen anymore with RTP Shirts. Peace of Mind!


Your customers will love how the artwork pops on these shirts. The inks are vibrant and lay on the shirts perfectly creating a product that customers will keep coming back for.


These Ready To Print T-Shirts are engineered for DTG printing. The entire shirt is built from the ground up and is entirely pre-pretreated. We utilize the Image Armor pretreatments and a unique process to make PICK PRINT CURE a reality.


Print anywhere on the shirt. Front, side, back, over the sleeves and even inside! Save time and money by cutting out your pretreating process.


Just heat press 10-20 seconds at your ink cure temp prior to printing to remove ALL moisture prior to printing.


To achieve the maximum discount you can mix and match your TEES of EVERY SIZE: S-3XL. The total number of shirts in your cart will reflect your discount pricing .

Full cases are 72 pcs.

How To Use RTP Apparel


    • ALWAYS pre-press the shirt prior to printing. This is to remove the moisture.
    • You can use any heat press, but the BEST option is to use high pressure and a cover sheet (protects the shirt from anything on the heating surface of the heat press).
    • Ensure NO moisture is coming off the shirt  – that’s when you know it is ready to print.
    • Pre-Pressing also helps flatten any fibers if present.
    • Whenever heat pressing the shirt prior to printing OR curing the inks – always thread the shirt onto the platen (i.e. press only one layer of fabric at a time to avoid moisture blowing into the other side of the fabric).


    • Ensure NO moisture is coming off the shirt  – that’s when you know it is ready to print.These shirts DO NOT change the way you print.


    • Follow your ink manufacturer’s curing process.
    • Always thread the shirt onto the heat platen to cure the ink. This will help avoid potential issues for subsequent printing locations.
    • Always use a cover sheet. Find the best that works with your ink set.
    • Remember – cover sheets wear out. Sometimes they can transfer images to other shirts. Always be aware of this to avoid screwups!

What is RTP Apparel?


RTP Apparel was started with the DTG garment printer in mind. In a unique arrangement with Image Armor, RTP Apparel has been able to create the industry’s finest and best printing Ready To Print DTG shirt.

Well known for its DTG Pretreatment solutions and DTG inks for most DTG printer, Image Armor partnered with RTP Apparel to help streamline the direct to garment production process. RTP Apparel shirts take all the guesswork and hassle out of shirt preparation. No more under treated or unevenly pretreated shirts or unsightly “pretreat boxes”. We make a  shirt that is completely Ready To Print.

These Ready To Print T-shirts will make your final product look amazing. White shirt prints never looked this good before. Razor sharp detail and intense colors will be produced on most DTG garment printers. As an added bonus your prints will have an increased wash durability to help make your designs look better for longer.

Not having to worry about pretreatment on dark colored garments makes printing a breeze with any DTG printer.Even newbies can achieve professional looking prints due to perfectly pretreated T-Shirts. Achieve incredible prints every time with incredible whites and intense colors. Many users have even found they can reduce the amount of white ink and still achieve superior printing results.

Our Mission
RTP Apparel’s goal is to help make every DTG printer look better, increase productivity, and make our customers more profitable. We know that every direct to garment business owner hates to pretreat and that by removing this part of the production process the business owner can be more productive. We want to put the fun back into DTG printing. Let RTP Apparel help you focus on designing, printing, and making money. Leave the pretreating to us.

RTP Apparel has been in the Direct to Garment printing industry since the “Early Days”. The Ready To Print line is a culmination of years of industry knowledge and technological advancements in the DTG arena. Our goal is to make the DTG experience much easier, quicker, and more hassle free by removing the one component that everyone hates – the pretreating process.

Each and every RTP Apparel shirt is engineered for the highest quality DTG printing you’ll find. Many of our customers have found that they get better than normal results than they have ever been able to achieve pretreating the garments themselves. With our unique licensing agreement with Image Armor pretreatments, we’ve been able to engineer a fabric that is entirely geared for what you do – DTG.

RTP Apparel has recently moved into a new 40,000 square feet facility allowing us plenty of room for growth. We’ve got the room, the ambition, and the perseverance to continue to advance the direct to garment industry. We are driven to offer on the best in the DTG industry. Our goal is to help you achieve your DTG Dreams.

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